Who’s Involved

A note from the Baycrest Sealfit Co-Chairs

Left to right: Josh Copper, President & CEO, Baycrest Foundation, Evan Green, Baycrest SEALFIT Co-chair, and Zak Goldman, Baycrest SEALFIT Co-chair

People are constantly looking for new ways to give back to the cause they care about. A cause that makes a impact in the community they live in and feel connected to.

Since Baycrest research is showing that fitness, social activity, camaraderie and moral support all have a positive impact on brain health and we both enjoy being physically active, we loved the idea of being able to participate this experience as a way to bring awareness of brain health to Generation X while being challenged alongside Navy Seals at the peak of their physicality.

This won’t be easy! We’ll not only be training our bodies but will be working on ways to gain the tools needed to mentally prepare and overcome any obstacle during our challenge. Together, we will support each other and build lasting friendships.

We are raising money to further Baycrest studies into the prevention of early or “young” onset Alzheimer’s disease. This form of dementia affects adults prior to age 65 and accounts for an estimated 16,000 people in Canada yearly.

We are ready and excited to take on this unbelievable challenge and make a difference in our community.

Zachary Goldman &  Evan Green, Baycrest Sealfit Co-chairs



SEALFIT was developed by retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine for the unique and specialized needs of professionals seeking to reach their fullest potential, for first responders, industrial athletes and military forces and life-long warrior-athletes to perform their jobs and come home safely.  We all share a need for our minds and bodies to work at peak performance over long periods of time, while maintaining an unconquerable spirit and unwavering mental toughness. At SEALFIT, we share this passion and aspire to train you if you seek this way of life.

To learn more about SEALFIT visit sealfit.com